Launching of Conservation Program for Seasonal Lake in Temon sub-village in Giripurwo village

Based on the data from District Development Planning Agency (Bappeda) in Gunungkidul, there are around 280 lakes being registered in the district. Whereas, only 71 lakes remain as water sources during dry season, while the rest mostly disappear due to high sedimentation, high evaporation rate in the area, porous soil and longer dry period.

There is a seasonal lake situated in Temon sub-village in Giripurwo village whose water body has shrank significantly. The disappearance of water in this seasonal lake is due to human activities which contribute in the rapid soil degradation. Excessive use of chemical fertilizers for agriculture in sloped terrain has caused the soil to erode easily and contribute in high sedimentation of the lake. In addition, trees and cover crops have decreased in recent years.

In order to restore the ecological function of the seasonal lake and also as water source during dry season, it requires conservation measures; planting trees to reduce water evaporation and constructing terracing system around the lake to prevent sedimentation. However, it will take time to return to normal state.

The initiation of the conservation program took place on 5 October 2016 with the formal launch by the Head of sub-district, as representative from the district authority, YAKKUM’s Board, Public Works Agency, Forestry and Plantation Agency, Head of Giripurwo village and the community members in Temon sub-village. The activity was followed by the laying of the first stone for the terracing construction and finally ended with kenduri, traditional banquet requesting blessings led by religious leader in the community, for the conservations efforts. (AMT)