National Waste Awareness Day 2023 in Central Sulawesi

The commemoration of National Waste Awareness Day 2023 in Central Sulawesi Province was held on Tuesday, 28 February 2023 at Taman Pujasera, Tinggede, Sigi District, near Palu City. This activity was initiated by Environment Agency of Central Sulawesi together with Palu City and Sigi District who then invited several government elements, school institutions, the private sector, and the community to contribute and participate in this activity, including YAKKUM Emergency Unit (YEU).

National Waste Awareness Day 2023 in Central Sulawesi with the theme "Holistic Waste Management for Community Welfare" aims to increase public awareness and education regarding waste management. The National Waste Awareness Day 2023 in Central Sulawesi were carried out in series of activities:

- leisurely walks while at the same time collecting trash, weighing and exchanging plastic waste for ice cream,

- welcome remarks from the government of Central Sulawesi, Palu City and Sigi Regency,

- scientific orations related to waste and the environment by Prof. DR Nur Sangadji,

- interactive quizzes, and local government visits to exhibition booths.

Being one of the partners of the Central Sulawesi government in the commemoration day, YEU brought the Plastic Bank concept to exhibit and and inform them that YEU was assisting the Plastic Bank in Talise and Ngatabaru Village. In addition, the exhibition booth, where plastic waste was traded with ice cream went viral in this activity, because the school children who were involved were very enthusiastic in collecting their plastic waste to exchange it for ice cream.

The idea of exchanging ice cream for plastic waste aims to educate people, especially children, that not all waste will end up as residue, but there is also waste that has economic value. This simple example is expected to educate that community can sort their own waste and implement 3R(reduce-reuse-recycle).

As a result of adopting this concept, the exhibition booth of Plastic Bank assisted by YEU became one of the best exhibition stands because it succeeded in providing simple waste management education that was easily understood by adults and even children.