Comparative Study of YEU Lumajang Team to Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta

On November 8-10, 2022, the YEU Lumajang team visited Yogyakarta to conduct a comparative study. This activity was attended by 16 people consisting of 3 representatives of Sumberurip Village, 3 representatives of Oro Oro Ombo Village, 3 representatives of Supiturang Village, 1 representative of Pronojiwo Sub-district, and 6 members of the YEU team. The group departed on November 8 at 1:00 AM using a big car.

Gambar 1. Learning about making fertilizer from eggshell.

On the first day, November 8, 2022, YEU visited YAKKUM Rehabilitation Center (PRY) on Kaliurang Street. There, the community was introduced to PRY activities. Several village communities assisted by YEU shared experiences regarding the handling of vulnerable groups in Pronojiwo. After that, the communities went to Cupable Café, did interaction with the barista, and enjoyed the coffee together. After PRY, the visitation continued to the YEU office. The director of YEU, dr. Sari and some YEU management representatives welcomed the arrival of the communities with open arms. The communities talked about their experience of doing activities with YEU and expressed their hope to continue to be able to communicate and establish friendships with YEU in the future. At night, the group ended the first day of activities and headed to DIOS (Disaster Oasis) guest house to rest.

Gambar 2. Group picture with Women Farmer Group (KWT) Rejeki Laris at Girimulyo village.

On Wednesday morning, November 9, 2022, the comparative study group went to Gunung Kidul to visit 2 communities that are also YEU-assisted communities. The first community that the group visited was Rejeki Laris Farmer Women Group (KWT) in Prahu Hamlet, Girimulyo Village, Gunung Kidul. Here, the group learned about arisan kambing and the manufacture of organic fertilizers with husk charcoal and goat manure. The group was enthusiastic because they can practice directly making organic fertilizers from husk charcoal and goat manure accompanied by KWT Rejeki Laris. After the activities in Girimulyo Village were ended, the group continued their journey to Watugajah Hamlet, Girijati Village, Gunung Kidul to visit KWT Melati. The members of KWT Melati talked about arisan kambing and taught the group how to make biological pesticides. In the evening, the comparative study group stopped by Malioboro for dinner and rested in a hotel in the Malioboro area.

Gambar 3. Seeing goats bred by KWT Rejeki Laris.

The next day, the group returned to Pronojiwo. In the middle of the way, the group stopped by Solo to shop and to discuss the follow-up plan for comparative study activities. The community and village heads agreed to hold training activities for making organic fertilizers for vulnerable groups who got livelihood support assistance in Pronojiwo Sub-district.