The Women's Summit 2022

The Women's Summit in response to the results of the G20 meeting was held for 2 days in Sanur, Bali on 11-12 November 2022. Two representatives from YEU, namely Brigita Ra Sekar and Agnes Meiria and 100 other participants from various organizations engaged in efforts for gender, climate and economic justice in Asia Pacific joined this activity organized by AKSI! for gender, social and ecological justice.

The aim of this activity is to provide an alternative space and education for grassroots women and local women activists to understand the G20 and the implications of the agreement. As well as the output is to understand the problems faced by grassroots women related to environmental issues and exploitation of natural resources and the implications of the decisions discussed in the G20 event.  

Brigita Ra Sekar & Agnes Meiria wears kebaya in the Women's Summit event.

Picture 1. Brigita Ra Sekar & Agnes Meiria wears kebaya in the Women's Summit event.

For 2 days, the meeting discussed about G20 agreements and their impact on women; debt, taxation, trade, energy transition, women's economic empowerment, and digitalization of the economy as well as building counter narratives to strengthen women's capacity in dealing with the impact of agreements that are detrimental to society, especially women who live side by side with nature. 

This activity was very beneficial for YEU because the YEU’s team gained more understanding of the linkages between the root causes of disasters at the local level with women's perspective and their relation to decisions at the global level. The follow-up actions that can be carried out from this event are disaster risk mapping which can be deepened by exploring the root causes or causes of disasters in terms of the impact of policy implementation at the global level for Indonesia; and mapping by looking at threats from across sectors.