Commemoration of the 2022 Disaster Risk Reduction Day

Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) Day is commemorated on the 13th of October every year. This year, the event was hosted in the City of Balikpapan, East Kalimantan. The day commemorates DRR by encouraging shared awareness, building dialogue and developing strong DRR networks across Indonesia.

The National Agency of Disaster Response (BNPB) stated, that as of October 13, 2022, there had been 1,125 incidents of flood, 877 of extreme weather, 499 landslides, 239 forest fires, 22 major earthquakes, 21 tidal waves and 4 droughts ( BNPB expressed the need for increased preparedness so that when disaster hits, there are fewer casualties. 

Participants of the event included members from the Disaster Response Regional Agency (BPBD) at provincial and district levels, NGOs, universities, and other disaster management actors. YAKKUM Emergency Unit (YEU) had 10 participants in the event, 4 staff and 6 members from its partner community groups.  

YEU participants were as follows: 3 staff from YEU Yogyakarta team; 1 staff from YEU Palu team; Anggi Tri Rahayu, Committee at Ngatabaru Garbage Bank; Endang Rohijani Coordinator at Winongo Asri Communication Forum/FKWA; Lucia Okyta, Team Leader at GEMPITA Waste Bank; Merlin Devi Yanti, Chair Women at Womenpreneur4plastic; Hardiyo Innovation from Gunung Kidul Disaster Risk Mitigation Forum/FPRB; Amin Sarjito Head of Hargobinangun Village.

Together the team contributed to the event by guest speaking for the Waste Management Resilience Stage in DRR, participating at the Talk Show on Gender- and Disability-Based Disaster Risk Reduction and the Innovation Exhibition on 12-14 October 2022. YEU has contributed to the commemoration of DRR day by further enhancing the coordination of partnerships with government, business institutions and the community in their work towards sustainable DRR-based development. 


The Stage for Resilience in Waste Management in DRR

Community groups partnering with YEU shared their experiences regarding waste management in DRR during the Resilience Stage of the event. Ms Endang Rohijani, said, “there are many things that can be done in disaster mitigation and post-disaster waste management, one of which is by bioconversion using Maggots”. Cultivating Maggots can increase food security by helping break down food waste, supporting a circular economy and being used as a solution to reduce waste in evacuation sites.

Mesih Andana stated, “disaster risk reduction should touch all aspects of life, pre-disaster, during and post-disaster”. When the cycle is managed with precision we can reduce the risk. Applying the latest technology along with synergy between actors is necessary to ensure the lowest risks during the event of a disaster. The Participation Principle must also be considered holistically to adapt and accommodate the interests of the assisted community. 


Talkshow: Gender and Disability-Based Disaster Risk Reduction

YEU collaborated with Muhammadiyah Disaster Management Center/MDMC, CBM Global, Lingkar, IBU Foundation and Indonesian Association of Women with Disabilities/HWDI in their gender and disability-based DRR talk show. Community groups partnering with YEU also shared experiences such as Hardiyo who is an innovator of the DRR Forum from Gunung Kidul. Hardiyo presented at the Inclusive Digital Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction for Disabilities and Amin Sarjito, Chief of Hargobinangun Village presented on Evacuation Management in Hargobinangun Village.

The recommendations put forward from the talk show are as follows:

  • The need for Early Warning systems and accessible information for all people with disabilities
  • Accessible evacuation routes
  • A capable team to evacuate people based on the type of obstacle
  • Provision education to risk groups
  • Meaningful participation of at-risk groups in disaster preparedness, emergency response and post-disaster.


Innovation Exhibition

YEU collaborated with MDMC to open a Booth/joint exhibition and showcase innovations from YEU-assisted groups and ongoing YEU projects. Innovations included:

  • Management of organic waste by FKWA and inorganic by Gempita Waste Bank.
  • Inorganic waste management through the Waste Bank (Womenpreneurs4Plastic Mosinggani and Mombine Berkarya groups in Palu, Central Sulawesi).
  • DRR application innovations such as DIFGANDES, RADIUS, the Kepuharjo disability data collection website and the website of DRR Forum Gunung Kidul.
  • Pop Up Book of Emergency Family Relationship Orientation from SEKOCI Innovators.

Most of the exhibition visitors came from BNPB, district/city BPBDs, disability people organizations and other NGOs. The visitors were satisfied with the exhibitions, visual displays and information provided by YEU. Visitors also said that the innovations displayed are informative and can be duplicated. They hope that this joint movement can contribute to the balance and protection of nature, especially in urban areas.