Live A Meaningful Life While You Are Still Healthy

It has been almost a year since Tintin Kartikasari, a 40-year-old woman, who is often called Miss Tintin, has dedicated herself as a volunteer in the disaster risk reduction forum FPRB) of Argorejo Village. At the beginning of her service, she was moved by the active participation of several female colleagues who are active members of the FPRB in her village, Argorejo Village, Sedayu, Bantul. Whereas, they are still juggling with the domestic roles in the family, in the social life and working environment. Currently, there are around 6 active female members of the FPRB Argorejo Village out of a total of 60 members.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit Indonesia in early 2020 and experienced a fluctuating trend, the FPRB of Argorejo Village took part in handling COVID-19. FPRB Argorejo consists of local residents and community elements including local village government officials. In carrying out its activities, FPRB Argorejo works with the Rapid Response Team (TRC) of Disaster Management Agency of Bantul District, Community Health Center, District Military Command and other private parties. The tasks carried out by the FPRB Argorejo include carrying out rukthi (remembrance) and burial of bodies. Female volunteers are needed in the process of bathing female bodies.

In addition, there are shelters which are managed by the local village government. Together with volunteers in the village, however, not many residents want to stay in the shelter and choose to conduct self-isolation at home. Shelters are optimized for residents who are in quarantine after traveling far from out of town.

Specifically, the services carried by Miss Tintin as a member of the FPRB Argorejo include: collecting data on residents who are positive for COVID-19, evacuating residents to hospitals, tracing, distributing basic necessities, distributing vitamins and drugs, and conducting psychosocial assistance for residents who are positive for COVID-19 during self-isolation at home.

In order to contain with the spread of COVID-19 in Argorejo Village, cooperation from various parties is needed, including the mechanism for managing data on residents who are positive for COVID-19. In this case, Miss Tintin as a member of the FPRB Argorejo Village is trusted by the local Puskesmas to manage data on residents who are positive for COVID-19. This data is also managed by the local Bintara Pembina Desa (non-commissioned law enforcement officer) and can be updated every day in line with the COVID-19 trend in Argorejo Village.

Miss Tintin has other social activities, as a Health cadre and digital data security volunteer. Therefore, in addition to managing data, it is very important for social workers to maintain the confidentiality of citizens' personal data. This means that the data is not misused for other purposes and maintains the trust of the local village government. The data collected can be used to channel aid from various government and private parties.

There are consequences and risks she has to endure, Miss Tintin was infected with COVID-19 and underwent self-isolation at home for two weeks. During the self-isolation period, she increasingly understood the feelings of the patients, feelings of loneliness, hopelessness, inferiority because some people still stereotyping that COVID-19 is a hidden disgrace. Therefore, according to her, attention, no matter how small, is very meaningful and becomes hope for community members who have to endure self-isolation at home. After recovering, she returns to his activities to serve COVID-19 patients and survivors

Miss Tintin feels very grateful to be a part of the joint initiative of local village government and YEU in handling COVID-19 in Yogyakarta. She thought that the service provided by YEU was very special because the aid was delivered directly by YEU and accompanied by local village volunteers. This is a form of real attention that provides a positive spirit and meaningful support for community members who are experiencing self-isolation. She hopes that in the future YEU can still assist Argorejo Village not only for handling COVID-19 but also for resilience and disaster preparedness.

Every day, Miss Tintin is also a housewife and continues to carry out her duties assisting the family. However, she is very active in social activities and interacts with a lot of people, including the community members, government and private institutions. She is very grateful that her husband provides full support and understands Miss Titin’s calling as a social worker to people in need. She admits that at times her husband was worried about her health and safety, but she was able to convinced him and still help others. According to Miss Tintin, as long as you are healthy you have to be useful to others, no need to be famous, as long as you can give assistance to others.

In addition to being active as a member of the FPRB Argorejo Village, health cadres, data security volunteers, Miss Tintin also becomes caregiver for persons with disabilities in Sedayu Sub-district. Her provides psychosocial assistance and support the fulfilment of the rights for persons with disbilities. Due to the joint efforts and attention of various parties, she sees that vulnerable groups are empowered, recognized and involved in various activities in the village government.

She experiences peace and happiness when assisting others. She received no excess wages. She lives well and she believes that she doesn’t need to worry about the rewards of her efforts to help others while living on earth and let it be the business of the Divine.