Healthy, Prosperous and Empowered Elderly: YAKKUM Commitment for Elderly in Indonesia

Closing Event of National Elderly Day 2021


National Elderly Day or (HLUN) is commemorated to appreciate the spirit and strategic role of elderly people in Indonesia. HLUN is commemorated every May 29 and this year is the 25th National Elderly Day which has been commemorated since it was first inaugurated by the National Government on May 29, 1996.


The series of HLUN 2021 has been organized by YAKKUM (Christian Foundation for Public Health) since April 2021 and is conducted in various activities involving elderly communities assisted by YAKKUM work units and the community. These series included Talk Show "YAKKUM Hospital Caring for the Elderly and Vulnerable Groups through Biji Sesawi YAKKUM" on Radio Immanuel Solo, Medical Check Up for 1000 Elderly, SMART Elderly Contest, "Holistic Care for Empowering Elderly" Online Seminar, Kinesio Social Service, COVID-19 Vaccination Campaign Video, training on assistive devices for the elderly and disabilities, HOPE therapy, and other activities. It is estimated that by the end of June 2021 there will be 3000 elderly who will benefit from this program.


The closing of the 2021 HLUN Celebration is marked by the inauguration of the Integrated Elderly Park Development Plan Wisma Bethesda Pakem which has a vision:

Komunitas Lanjut Usia Indonesia yang Sehat, Sejahtera dan Berdaya, with the tagline “Lansia SMART (Sehat, Mandiri, Aktif, dan Produktif)” 

Governor's Expert Staff for Social and Community Affairs, Dr. Etty Kumolowati, M.Kes and Pdt. Simon Julianto as the representative of the YAKKUM Board opened the curtains as a symbol of the inauguration of the plan for the construction of the Wisma Bethesda Integrated Elderly Park.

Mr. Sigit Alifianto, SE, MM, Yogyakarta Provincial Social Service, planting trees as a symbol of the inauguration of the Wisma Bethesda Integrated Elderly Park development


The concept of Integrated Elderly Park establishment is to have dedicated place for elderly and provide accessible facilities for elderly covering physical health aspects (health services: SMART Clinic, SMART Sport, Yoga space, SMART Salon and Spa), mental health aspects (SMART Training, multi-purpose rooms, training for cadre), social and cultural health aspects (SMART Garden & Farming and SMART Culture), as well as other supporting facilities (shops, cafes, hostelty for the elderly). YAKKUM hopes that this place will connect the services of YAKKUM units and be integrated with the elderly community and other community organizations throughout Indonesia. The concept and development plan are based on the passion to serve and support the realization of SMART elderly: Healthy, Independent, Active, Productive.


Interview with Ms. Warsiati from Adiyuswa GKJ Pakem

"I just found out that they will construct dedicated place for elderly. I am very supportive and grateful if the place can be used again for an elderly guesthouse because this building used to be for a hospital but it is no longer used. I will be great to see this place alive, ”said one of the participants, Mrs. Warsiati from Adiyuswa GKJ Pakem.

The plan for the development of the Integrated Elderly Park was inaugurated by the Governor's Expert Staff for Social and Community Affairs, Dr. Etty Kumolowati, M.Kes and Pdt. Simon Julianto as representative of YAKKUM Board. Yogyakarta Governor's Expert Staff, Dr. Etty Kumolowati, M.Kes gave a message in her speech regarding the condition of the elderly who need more attention and assistance. In addition, there is a need for cooperation from various parties in terms of assistance for the elderly and Yogyakarta government is preparing a Rapergub (Draft Governor Regulation) which will make Yogayakarta as an inclusion province so that the elderly can participate in the development of this city. The Head of Social Protection and Security, Yogyakarta Provincial Social Service, Sigit Alifianto, SE, MM, was also present to represent tree planting as a symbol of the opening of the Integrated Elderly Park.

 Mr. Budhi Hendro Prijono receiving the Second Place award in the SMART Elderly Competition

The winner of the SMART Elderly Competition was announced in this closing mark event. The first winner was Mrs. Sarinah Wagiman from the CD Bethesda, the second winner was Mr. Budhi Hendro Prijono of Emanuel Hospital, and the third winner was Mrs. Saptaning Budi Rahayu from RSK Ngesti Waluyo.

The closing mark of the 2021 HLUN Celebration was attended by the GKJ Pakem elderly group. In addition, to maintain health protocols during the COVID-19 pandemic, the event was divided into two separate places within the Wisma Bethesda. The series of 2021 HLUN events are expected to be a spirit that encourages the elderly and also the young generation to create healthy, independent and prosperous elderly people in Indonesia.