Work with Heart and Professionalism

"Charles Darwin said that those who can survive the most is not the strongest, but the most adaptive", this sentence was stated in the opening remarks at the 2021 YAKKUM Emergency Unit (YEU) Staff Meeting by dr. Sari Mutia Timur (director of YEU) which was held on Thursday - Saturday, 20-22 May 2021.

With the theme "Working with Heart and Professionalism", YEU's Annual Staff Meeting began with conducting an Antigen Rapid Test for all YEU staff at the Disaster Oasis (DIOS) Guest House & Training Centre conducted by the Bethesda Lempuyangwangi Hospital Medical Team. The results of the entire staff Antigen Rapid Test were negative and the YEU Annual Staff Meeting started with following the health protocols.

"Working with Heart and Professionalism" is in line with YAKKUM's universal Christian values ​​as stated by Mrs. Arshinta, Director of Public Health and Humanity Development (PKMK) YAKKUM. These values ​​are Christian Character (love, truth, gratitude), Business with Christian Ethics (hard work, humble, continuous), and Work in a Learning Culture (evidence based, analytical, anticipatory visionary). At this Staff Meeting, all participants received a refresher on the culture and values ​​of YAKKUM that are expected and continue to be lived out in the daily work environment of YEU to support professional humanitarian services and adhere to existing ethical ethic codes.

Adaptive and aggressive changes are also on the agenda in the YEU Strategic Plan as a unit of YAKKUM. The impact of COVID-19 requires YEU to innovate and remain inclusive in providing services. During the COVID-19 pandemic, YEU has innovated by optimizing technology and digital media, one of which is adaptive in conducting workshops. In times of the COVID-19 pandemic, YEU can still run face-to-face meetings virtually inclusive by providing sign language interpreter and closed captions during the workshop.

YEU also reflects on the services that have been done to improve quality in order to serve with heart and always professionally. In terms of professionalism, dr. Sari Mutia Timur as Director of YEU conveyed the importance of strengthening staff understanding by disseminating institutional policies regarding safeguarding, conflicts of interest, anti-fraud and bribery, anti-terrorism, gender issues, and inclusive assistance. To facilitate access in the future, materials on these policies will also be digitized through innovative learning platforms. Another agenda at the Annual Staff Meeting was to refresh the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) of all YEU divisions. This refreshment was carried out with an interesting concept, the staffs were divided into small groups and walked around the "world cafe", where the person in charge of each division had prepared an SOP presentation with a unique and interactive concept so that all staffs were able to deepen the understanding of SOP at YEU.

The 2021 Staff Meeting concluded with YEU's strategic follow-up planning, competitive excellences to be documented, and  appreciation for staff who performed excellently in the spirit of Christian Character, Business with Christian Ethics, and Working in a Learning Culture. It is hoped that with this Annual Staff Meeting, all humanitarian workers at YEU have a spirit of leadership service with a spiritual spirit of Servant (leading by serving), Shepherd (leading wholeheartedly for mutual success), and Steward (leading with integrity and faith) to give their best for others.