TOT #2: Managing Intergenerational Groups during COVID-19 Pandemic

Six Intergenerational Groups (IGs) from four sub-districts in Kabupaten Sleman: Seyegan, Sleman, Pakem, and Mlati attended the second session of Training on Trainers which took place in Genduk Wulan, Seyegan, Sleman, DIY on April 6-9, 2021. This activity was organized by YAKKUM Emergency Unit with support from HelpAge International in the SANA (Strengthening the Asian Network of Aging) project.

During COVID-19 pandemic, some areas in Yogyakarta Province still limit community gatherings regarding the high rate of COVID-19's positive cases. Besides, the health vulnerability of the community, especially the older people becomes the main challenge in managing IGs. Therefore, IGs has taken the initiative to carry out activities such as group business activities (micro credit), fulfilment of rights and entitlements, health check, self-help, and communication sessions which are conducted with a limited number of people to support their members.

One of the strategies to cope with the pandemic is to form small groups in the IGs so that the activities can still be carried out in accordance with health procedures during the COVID-19 pandemic. In the training, the board members of IG practicing business activities designed for older people, such as cultivating sprouts, making eco-enzymes from kitchen waste, and making washing soap from used cooking oil. This training aims to refresh and motivate IGs to carry out its activities so the quality of life for the older people, their families, and the community can be improved.

Thank you for the support from the Social Service Sleman District , Seyegan Health Centre, and the representative of Tridadi and Agung Jaya for their full support in this training.

The training was opened by the head of Social Service Sleman District, Bapak Eko Suhargono, S.IP


The cadres from Agung Jaya Intergenerational Group (Year 2) facilitated the trainings


The participants were practicing home-made eco-enzyme using kitchen waste as the example of friendly livelihood for OP