Online Marketing Training: Solutions to Increase Income for Women's Groups in Urban Communities

Since Indonesia announced its COVID-19 first case on 2 March, 2020, the economic activity in Yogyakarta has begun to slow down. The government policy on the large-scale social restriction affected the community’s capacity in obtaining income. The changes in social behavior and economic stagnation resulted in the unprecedented number of domestic violence and economic inequality along with the continuing increase in the number of COVID-19 cases in Yogyakarta.

Responding to the situation, YEU with the support of the Huairou Commission, a humanitarian organization focusing on women empowerment, provided assistance to four women groups in the Suryatmajan and Terban sub-districts in Yogyakarta. One of the activities was the management of the community resilience fund. The fund aimed to create local enterprises which in turn strengthen social cohesion and improving either the group and individual income in order to create community resiliency.

However, the women groups decided to create a new strategy to market their product during the pandemic. Therefore, through risk mapping, the groups agreed to carry online marketing training in their effort to enhance skills and the products’ marketing.

The women groups were amazingly excited to join the training despite the pandemic. The training was conducted on 24 October 2020 at Disaster Oasis training center. The participant patiently contributed during the process. The training was facilitated by Mr. Yosua Budi R, SE., M.Hum., M.Pd. from PT Mayora, TBK, one of the leading food companies in Indonesia. The facilitator provided a simple explanation of marketing and its strategy. In this case, he stated that online marketing was appropriate nowadays because 64% of Indonesians already had access to information on the internet and spent around 8 hours a day using the internet.

On the same occasion, the facilitator shared how to make attractive sales posters and the top popular marketplace. Ms. Siti Isnaini, a member of the Tani Migunani Women Group, started a collagen-rich beverage sales business after participating in this online marketing training. She shared why she applied online marketing strategy; because it saves time, effort, and transportation costs in marketing products through Whatsapp and Facebook. According to her, online marketing training from YEU has provided the basic theory of marketing, but she expected that technical marketing knowledge sessions will be added more. Moreover, Ibu Lucy from the Gempita women's group has started up a business selling food products such as onions, cashews, egg roll since 2015. She stated that by participating in this training she received a lot of information about the small-medium enterprise groups that she could join in and the steps to sell in the marketplace. During the pandemic, she added her products by selling cooked chicken products such as Ayam Taliwang and Ayam Serundeng to increase income. She continues marketing her products through Whatsapp, Facebook, and Instagram because it is more effective.

Currently, women groups assisted by YEU are developing their group businesses such as traditional herbal medicine, self-cultivated vegetable chips, catfish, and aquaponics vegetables. Business products have started to be marketed in the surrounding areas and it still requires more time and energy to expand the market and increase business output.


Examples of product: Ayam Taliwang marketed by Ibu Lucy with an online marketing strategy

Examples of product: Aneka Kacang marketed by Srikaton Women Group with an online marketing strategy

The facilitator asks participants to make interesting offer sentences

Participants from the women's group participated in the training with enthusiasm

Photo documentation with the facilitator