Situation Report #2 - West Sulawesi Earthquake
Situation Report # 2
West Sulawesi earthquake
(per 24 January 2021)

The YAKKUM Emergency Response Team for West Sulawesi has carried out a series of joint activities with the partners (GEMA Difabel Mamuju) . The response also supported by GKSB in 9 villages located in Tapalang, Simoro and Mamuju Districts.
Activities that have been carried out:
1) Conducting an Inclusion Rapid Needs Assessment (RNA) in collaboration with GEMA Difabel Mamuju partners, involving 168 respondents (still in process)
2) Providing health services and medication to a total of 133 patients (80 women, 53 men)
3) Distributing 19 shelter packages consisting of mats, tarpaulin and rope, with priority to families with vulnerable groups (elderly, pregnant women)

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