Situation Report #1 - West Sulawesi Earthquake

An earthquake with a magnitude of 6.2, with the epicentre 6 KM Northeast of Majene Regency, hit some districts in West Sulawesi Province on Friday morning (15 January 2021). The earthquake has caused 90 people dead, 663 people injured and as many as 30,353 people were directly affected, based on a release from National Disaster Management Agency, on Tuesday (19 January 2021) at 06.00 PM

Responding to the emergency, YAKKUM units, namely YAKKUM Emergency Unit (YEU), CD Bethesda YAKKUM, and YAKKUM Rehabilitation Center (PRY) carried out the West Sulawesi earthquake emergency response through the intervention "YAKKUM Emergency Response for West Sulawesi"

The following is YAKKUM's first situation report for the humanitarian response of West Sulawesi. Affected communities still need assistance in various sectors to restore their lives and livelihood.

Donate to our humanitarian assistance through:

Mandiri a.n. YAKKUM Emergency Unit
No. account 1370005099425
Swift Code: BMRIIDJA

BCA an YAKKUM Emergency Unit
No. account 8610611100
Swift Code: CENAIDJA

We wish the response team is always in good health and can be a channel of blessing for those in need in West Sulawesi Province.