Cash Transfer Assistance for older people

Mr. Wakhid and Mrs. Ngatiyah were elderly coupe who live in Banguntapan in Yogyakarta Province. They were selected to receive the cash transfer assistance where the selection process were conducted by the village cadre in early June 2020, in collaboration with YEU team. They were selected since they met the qualification to be recipient of the CTP in order to provide necessary cash assistance for those impacted by COVID-19 pandemic. The elderly couple has not received any financial support from the government scheme, and they also financially impacted by the pandemic. Mr. Wakhid used to work as parking attendant and stopped working due to health problem. While Mrs. Ngatiyah used to work as housemaid for decades, but retired since she got stroke which hinder her in doing household chores. They rely solely on the support from their son who works as temporary construction worker.

The elderly couple live in the slum neighbourhood by the Gajah Wong riverbank, together with their son’s family and grandchildren. They shared that the government program did not really reach all poor communities, yet they felt grateful for the care that the neighbours have shown by providing daily support.

Then came the CTP provided by YEU with the support from TEAR NL which is beneficial for them, especially to by daily necessity and medicine for the elderly couple. Before any financial support during the pandemic, they have to eat sparingly in order to save any expenses on food. But, now they are able to provide enough food for the family.

They really hope that they can live a normal live and that the cure for the pandemic can end all the hardship they encountered. Mr. Wakhid also wishes to return to become parking attendant again. Now he should maintain his health by taking regular medicine or drinking herb concoction (jamu).