Digital Campaign on Productive Elderly Issues among Youth

In order to increase awareness regarding Productive Elderly Issues among adolescents, YAKKUM Emergency Unit in collaboration with Arion Agency conducted a digital campaign using Instagram social media. The digital campaign started with the creation of an Instagram @senior.side account which posted interesting information content about older people such as myths and facts about older people, examples of inspiring older people, and any interesting activities that could be done with older people. Not only displaying information in one direction, the @senior.side account also held several activities to increase interaction with the audience. Two interactive activities were the "Myth-Fact Quiz" and "Twibbon with Prizes". In the Myth-Fact Quiz activity, the team asked the audience to provide their responses regarding mythical and factual information that was posted in the previous @senior.side feeds. Audience responses were displayed in a snapgram by tagging @senior.side and accounts. Of around 40 participants, one participant was selected as the best answer.


Twibbon Prize Participants (IG @senior.side)


The second quiz was "Twibbon Prize" i.e. inviting the audiences to post photos of the audience with their closest older people to the twibbon that the team had provided in Instagram feeds with interesting words. This activity was carried out on 22nd May 2020 until 27th May 2020. The second quiz activity was attended by more than 100 participants who shared inspiring photos and stories with their closest older people. This campaign would like to show young adult as one of the older people’s supporters and companions. Teenagers and young adults could take part in helping, supporting, and assisting productive daily activities carried out by their closest older people. Also, teenagers and young adults could be relied on to disseminate and deliver this issue to their generation on how to be a productive older people in the future. By posting inspiring photos and writing about their nearest older people, this campaign expected to provide awareness for the activities’ participants and general audiences within @senior.side Instagram accounts and each of their own Instagram accounts friends and followers.




Written by Margareth Hervi A. - Arion Agency