Story from the Frontline : We Must Not Lose

COVID-19 has posed enormous challenges for the Puskesmas (Community Health Center) staffs as one of the frontlines for Covid-19's first treatment in the community. The unpreparedness of Puskesmas such as limited PPE (Personal Protection Equipment), disinfectants, isolation rooms and medical devices for handling the outbreak made the Puskesmas staffs full of anxiety about the threat of exposure. The lack of public awareness and understanding of Covid-19 also creates a high exposure risk for Puskesmas staffs.

Some time ago, the representatives of the COVID-19 Task Force at one of the Puskesmas said that there were several health workers who had to carry out quarantine independently because they were in contact with patients who were then confirmed to be positive of COVID-19. Anxiety was felt by the Puskesmas staffs and also the family because the information was obtained too late. Although the anticipation and health protocol have been carried out by all health workers, the risk of exposure is still great for them and the families.


During their duties at the Puskesmas, workers must always carry out the Covid-19 protocol, one of which is to maintain stamina and health. Various efforts were made by the Puskesmas, the Health Agency and also various parties to provide support to the Covid-19 Task Force, both in the form of providing PPE support, preparing isolation rooms and health equipment, providing food and vitamins for the Covid-19 Task Force, etc.

YEU — which also responding to COVID-19 outbreak in Lombok East Nusa Tenggara — also supported the Covid-19 Task Force by providing additional nutrition in the form of fruit, eggs and multivitamin for the Task Force at the 3 Puskesmas in North Lombok and West Lombok District. In addition, YEU also provided support for cleaning materials for disinfection at the Puskesmas twice a week for 1 month. YEU’s response took place until Wednesday 6 May 2020.

Puskesmas representatives felt that the support provided not only had a physical impact but also psychological. The Task Force felt morally supported and helped to jointly handle and fight Covid-19.

"We now feel calmer in doing services. Supporting equipment began to be fulfilled and also nutrition for the Task Force. The result of rapid test which was taken by the health workers are nonreactive. The support given to us is very helpful for us to increase stamina. Community health centers are also beginning to be trusted again by the public to perform health services. This is seen from the increased number of visitors to the health center, of course we continue run the health protocol. We must fight Covid-19! We must not lose, stick to the health protocol, maintain stamina and together we fight Covid-19 ", said one of the Covid-19 Task Force members




Story created by Nining Khasanah - YEU