Campaign on the Prevention of COVID19 Transmission in South Lampung

On May 1st, 2020 number of COVID-19 confirmed cases in Kabupaten Lampung Selatan had reached six positive, while people under surveillance were 33 persons, 7 patients under monitoring, 1 death and 1 recovered. Therefore, as of May 1st, 2020 total number of confirmed cases in Lampung Province is 50 positive, 32 of whom were isolated, 13 had recovered and 5 deaths. Bandar Lampung, the capital of Lampung Province has been stated as red zone of COVID-10 following the increasing number of confirmed cases and indication of local transmission according to the Health Ministry ( on April 28, 2020). As a developed province, Lampung has several entry points that caused high mobility channel of its residents, such as airport, seaport, cross-provinces main roads, as well as tourism sites and business centers. Following the red zone status, government conducted several health safety measures such as screening the under surveillance people, established five checking points at the main entrance of Bandar Lampung City.

As one of humanitarian organization with mandate in emergency response, YAKKUM Emergency Unit (YEU) that works in Lampung Selatan since 2019 for post Sunda Strait tsunami emergency response and livelihood recovery project for 103 beneficiaries in Desa Sukaraja and Desa Way Muli Timur, assisted the village governments to conduct preparedness measurement to response the pandemic.

In March to April 2020, YEU distributed posters of hygiene education and 7 steps of hand washing and 32 non-medic personal protection equipment (masks, goggles, coat, gloves and boots) for village COVID-19 task forces for Desa Sukaraja and Way Muli Timur, 2 hygiene packages including room disinfectant tool and material, as well as conducted campaign on prevention of COVID-19 and tutorial on how to make simple room disinfectant and how to use it for 16 head of villages in Kecamatan Rajabasa and Kecamatan Rajabasa’s officials. As a follow up from the campaign and education activities, the head of Kecamatan Rajabasa instructed 16 village heads in Kecamatan Rajabasa to allocate village fund to provide equipment and material for room disinfectant and other health safety measurement.

The pandemic has impact in all levels of communities in all sectors of our lives, and for the first time in YEU’s work, we have to put our physical distance away from our community to prioritize health and safety. However, it does not mean that we stop working with the communities. YEU will do as much as we can to keep assisting them and implementing the project by adjusting some activities as required according to health safety measurements and government policies for the safety of not only our staffs but also the communities.

Together we can!