Situation Report #2 Humanitarian Assistance for the people affected by floods in Jabodetabek

Entering the second week after the big flood, floods have receded significantly in some areas of Jakarta but some location in the upstream area. Monitoring of rainfall conditions and potential flooding from upstream and downstream is carried out jointly between the regional government (city/district) and the central government.


  • Management of shelter: Many temporary shelters and logistical posts have been set up, but they still need to be managed that ensures inclusion, health and safety aspects.
  • Personal hygiene kits.
  • Post-flood hygiene equipment: with water receding at some points, the communities have begun to carry out activities to clean their house and the environment. The equipment includes shovels, gunny sacks and spray water to clean mud.
  • Health: paramedics and medicine supplies, especially for patients who complain of itching, fever and diarrhea.
  • Food: food supplies are still safe for several days, but if flooding conditions last for a long time, then the public kitchen still needs food supplies.

The YEU response team will conduct a flood emergency response until 21 January 2020. The team has registered at the Local Disaster Management Agency's Posts in Bekasi and Bogor and continue the assessment according to the direction of the post managers.

Overall, YEU is responding to 5 locations as target area for intervention both in Bekasi and Bogor:

  • Temporary shelter at GPIB "Menara Kasih" Jatiasih, Bekasi
  • Temporary shelter of Cenderawasih in Jatirasa Village, Jatiasih Sub-District, Bekasi
  • Temporary shelter managed by Kagama Care in Bojong Kulur Village, Gunung Putri Sub-District, Bogor
  • Assessment in Malasari Village, Nanggung Sub District, Bogor with around 300 survivors and  Cileuksa Village, Sukajaya District, Bogor with survivors around 100 people

YEU's emergency response activities include:

WASH (Water, Sanitation & Hygiene)

  • Distribution of personal hygiene packages to 317 families in GPIB Menara Kasih (269 packages) and Cenderawasih Post (48 packages).
  • Distribution of cleaning equipment packages consisting of 20 shovels, 434 plastic sacks, 48 ​​floor cleaners (disinfectants) and 1 wheelbarrow and have been distributed at 3 temporary shelters at GPIB, Cenderawasih and Kagama Care post.


  • 193 sleeping mats were distributed to the survivors in Kagama Care post (150 units) and the Cenderawasih post (43 units).
  • Distribution of 1 water pump machine for survivors at GPIB Menara Kasih and 1 generator set at the Cenderawasih post
  • Support for public kitchen activities through the distribution of a total of 220 food packages provided for 4 days at GPIB Menara Kasih post.
  • Conducted a meeting concerning management of shelter which was attended by 50 survivors (one person is a person with a disability)

NFI (Non-Food Item):

  • 30 mask boxes were distributed at 2 temporary shelters.

Based on the assessment on 11-12 January 2020, YEU will continue the response until 21 January and focused on:

  • Management of shelter
  • Continuing the distribution of tarpaulins, sleeping mats, cleaning tools
  • Distribution of hygiene kits
  • Completing latrine facilities (bathing, washing and toilet) to meet health standards during emergencies
  • Logistics distribution of public kitchens, including food ingredients

HFI, Jakomkris, Pelkesi, GPIB Menara Kasih, Kagama Care Post

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