Press Release: Achieving Community Resilience One Year After the Central Sulawesi Earthquake

CWS/ACT ALLIANCE has worked in Asia and around the world for seven decades with one goal: helping build a world where there is enough for all.

We work to help people find solutions to the challenges and problems they face, and to seize the opportunities they have to change through our partnership. At CWS, we believe that there is enough food and water and potential for justice for everyone in our world. Our aim and work are to build alliances among faith groups, civil society and advocates for communities and individuals who need support to secure their basic rights.

CWS teams first served the people of Indonesia through the Communion of Churches in Indonesia in the 1950’s followed by decades of humanitarian and development work.

Over the past year, CWS and partners Yayasan INANTA and Yayasan Dangau have worked together to delivery emergency assistance and support the recovery and reconstruction in Palu, Sigi and Donggala.

Water Supply

  • Water trucking: ≈2,186,400 liters of safe water were distributed in 145 locations for 20,077 families.
  • 7 boreholes have been drilled to provide water for about 1,000 people.

Sanitation and Hygiene

  • 24 4-stall public latrines and one 3-stall public latrine built for 1,708 people
  • 2,347 WASH kits for 2,347 families distributed (10x 250 gram soap bars, 5 toothbrushes, 2x 190 grams each tubes of adult, 2 x 50 grams each child toothpaste, 3x 10-packs of sanitary pads, 4x 170 ml bottles of shampoo, 4 large (bath) towels, 2 lidded buckets (1x 6 gallon | 1x 8 gallon) for water collection/storage, 2x 1.5 liter water dippers, 2x 1 kg. bags of detergent, 1 15-liter lidded trash can)

Shelter and Household Items

  • 328 transitional shelters have been built in partnership with families in nine villages
  • 2,110 shelter kits were distributed for 2,110 households (tarpaulin, plastic ground mat, 2 blankets, 2 sarongs, portable 2-in-1 rechargeable solar lamp and 1 document zip-lock bag).

These initiatives are planned for the coming 12 months:

  • Support construction of 100 more transitional shelters, plus 272 family toilets
  • Dig additional boreholes and build gravity-fed piped water systems as conditions permit
  • Provide livelihood rebuilding support: women’s traditional home-based food businesses; fisheries and farming activities with men
  • Organize and facilitate community-based Disaster Risk Management education | training | planning

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