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Growing Mangrove, Nurturing the Future of Sungai Pisang

By Admin | Rabu, 10 Desember 2014 | 1718 views
From 12,000 propagules, as many as 4,000 propagules were used as reserve and the mangrove group will use them as asset for mangrove development in order to be sustainable in the future. Indra Noviandi the chairman of mangrove group in Sungai Pisang, who was commonly called as Bang Andi said “we were delighted with the presence of YEU, because YEU has assisted us for mangrove conservation in our village. Now we know how the good propagules are, how to do nursery and to plant properly". Bang Andi closed his statement with a smile. The mangrove planting activity officially opened by the Head of Village Teluk Kabung Selatan Mr. Erisal A. Md. on 25 February 2014 and was covered by the local media Padang Today and Riau Pos. 

Multi-stakeholder meeting was held on March 18, 2014 which aims to involve particular stakeholders in accordance with the mandate of Disaster Management Law. The meeting was attended by the Department of Marine and Fishery, Department of Forestry, Disaster Management Agency of Padang Municipality (BPBD), village apparatus of Teluk Kabung Selatan, Padang Disaster Task Force Forum (KSB), Youth Group, PKK woman’s group, Village disaster task force Sungai Pisang, Community deliberative forum (Ninik Mamak), Community Empowerment Institution (Lembaga Pemberdayaan Masyarakat), Mangrove Group, and University students of Andalas Padang. The meeting resulted commitment from the competent authorities, they are as follows: 
• Department of Forestry will continue assisting Mangrove group by attempting Mangrove group to register the license as a Mangrove provider and coordinate with Ninik Mamak for mangrove protection in Sungai Pisang; 
• Department of Marine and Fishery committed to continue the preservation of coastal areas by planting Casuarinas trees by the next year. 
• BPBD Padang in collaboration with KSB Sungai Pisang, and the community will conduct Tsunami simulation in Sungai Pisang. 

The Head of Division for Natural Resources Conservation, Agriculture, Plantation, and Livestock Mr. Syafrizon said that “in 2001 Department of Forestry planted mangrove 25 ha in Sungai Pisang but failed because some reason such as the propagules from Bali were not suitable with Sungai Pisang environment and level of awareness community was low since they were not preserved the mangrove. We are pleased that now the community of Sungai Pisang is able to do nursery, planting, and preservation of mangrove”.(20/04/14) 

For news in Padang Today click link: http://padangtoday.com/today/detail/54651
For news in Riau Pos click link: http://issuu.com/riaupos/docs/2014-02-26/9

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  • Growing Mangrove, Nurturing the Future of Sungai Pisang

    From 12,000 propagules, as many as 4,000 propagules were used as reserve and the mangrove group will use them as asset for mangrove development in order to be sustainable in ...


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