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Situation Report #4 Lombok Earthquake

By Admin | Kamis, 16 Agustus 2018 | 747 views


  • The emergency response period has been extended by 14 days, from 12 August to 25 August 2018.
  • Aftershocks were still felt by the people in Lombok Utara District and its neighbouring district/city. There were more than 400 recorded aftershocks after the 7 magnitude earthquake (Richter Scale) that rocked Lombok Island on 5 August 2018.

Current Situation

  • The price of some materials, including tarpaulins, has soared due to limited supply in Mataram City.
  • Provision of clean water is still an issue with only limited water trucking available to cover the shelters, while some areas are not accessible with large vehicles. Many people bathe and defecate in the nearby rivers since there are no emergency latrines near the shelters. The health team from YEU and Pelkesi already found cases of people suffered from diarrhoea and skin diseases (itchiness).
  • In supporting the distribution process of shelter kits provided by Yayasan Plan International Indonesia, YEU did not encounter any trouble with regard to security issue while transporting although many sources shared this concern. YEU and Yayasan Plan International Indonesia were able to transport the relief packages since Friday (10 August 2018) and will last until all have been distributed.
  • Data collection on disability was carried out simultaneously with the health service. The initial findings showed that there were healthy elderly persons. However, they were unable to move independently and need assistive devices, such as walking sticks and walker.
  • Health service during the night is advisable as it may reach more patients/persons who need medical treatment. Because during the day they will tend the farms, or simply do the chores in the shelters. However, it requires adequate lighting for the health service to be carried out at night.
  • Lighting in the shelter compound, especially areas away from the main road still rely on generator and portable solar lamps. The displaced people also use the lamp for accessing the river at night.
  • School children have not returned to school since almost all of them are still staying in the shelter compounds.
  • Pressing needs:
  1. Safe drinking water and water for bathing, washing and for latrines
  2. Emergency latrines near the shelters
  3. Food supply and supplementary food for under-5 babies
  4. Non-food items, such as shelter kits (with tarpaulin, sleeping mat, blanket etc.), adequate lighting in the shelters, as well as hygiene kits, such as toiletries, specific needs for under-5 babies, expectant women, women and elderly.
  5. Health service
  6. Psychosocial support for children and adult

YEU Emergency Response

From 31 July to 12 August 2018, YEU and Pelkesi as members of Jakomkris Tangguh Bencana Indonesia PGI responded in three sub-district, namely Bayan, Tanjung and Kayangan, in Lombok Utara District with the following interventions:

  1. YEU and Pelkesi have treated a total 1,054 patients since 31 July 2018.

From 10 – 12 August alone, YEU and Pelkesi have treated 416 patients in two sub-districts with the detail as follow:

Top five diseases are; Acute Respiratory Infection, cephalgia (commom headache), myalgia (muscle pain), allergies on the eyes and skin, and diarrhoea.

There have been reports of cases of diarrhoea and chickenpox in several shelters. Immediate action is needed to anticipate the outbreak in the shelter compound.

2. Distribution of two generators in Teniga village and Lokok Senggol sub-village in Pendua.
3. Distribution of potable water : 2,760 bottles (1.5 L) were distributed as follow; 840 bottles in Karang Bajo village (shelter post), 840 bottles in Loloan Village (Batu Gerantung sub-village) and 1,080 bottles in Teniga village shelter post.
4. Distribution of food supply and supplementary food for babies and children at:

a) Main shelter post in Karang Bajo village
b) Shelters in Batu Gerantung sub-village in Loloan
c) Main shelter post in Teniga village
d) Shelters in Sentul Asli sub-village in Pendua
e) Shelters in Sangiang sub-village in Selengan

The food supplies being distributed were mung beans, vegetables, and other source of protein.

5. Distribution of 603 shelter kits from Yayasan Plan International Indonesia to:

a) 9 sub-villages in Karang Bajo village in Bayan sub-district (198 packages)
b) 10 sub-villages in Loloan village in Bayan sub-district (198 packages)
c) 3 sub-villages in Sembik Elen village in Bayan sub-district (207 packages)

The target distribution will cover other villages as well once the verification data is completed and submitted by the village authority. The distribution will prioritize displace families with babies, under-5, children, expectant women, lactating women and elderly persons.

6. On 11 August 2018, YEU together with Jakomkris TBI PGI jointly facilitated the coordination meeting for Displacement and Protection Cluster to identify the growing concerns on the shelter management and the protection measures for the vulnerable groups and displace persons in general. In addition, it also encouraged the availability of information in the shelter posts and 3W mapping (who, doing what, where).

Operational Plan

1. Distribution of potable water
2. Procurement of generator set for shelters without adequate lighting
3. Mobile health service in three sub-district; Tanjung, Kayangan and Gangga
4. Distribution of food supply and water tank in Senaru village, in Bayan sub-district
5. Preparation to the child-friendly space program and psychosocial support
6. Continue the distribution of shelter kits from Yayasan Plan International Indonesia

Networking and Coordination

  • Yayasan Plan International Indonesia for joint response
  • HFI 
  • Mercy Relief
  • PGI (Council of Churches in Indonesia) in NTB
  • BNPB and BPBD
  • Cluster for Displacement and Protection 

Donation to:
BNI a.n YAKKUM Emergency Unit
Account no. 0376498166


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