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Situation Report #3 Lombok Earthquake (as of August 9 2018)

By Admin | Kamis, 09 Agustus 2018 | 663 views
• Until Thursday (9/8/2018) at 12:00 p.m., The National Agency for Disaster Management stated that the number of victims due to the 6.4 magnitude earthquake that occurred on July 29 and 7-magnitude quake on August 5, 2018 in West Nusa Tenggara and Bali was 259 people died, 1,033 people were seriously injured and hospitalized, about 270.168 people were displaced, 67.857 houses were damaged and 458 school units were damaged. Aftershocks are still going on, Meteorological, Climatological, and Geophysical Agency (BMKG) recorded that there were 344 aftershocks after the magnitude-7 quake in Lombok until 8/8/2018 at 9.00pm Indonesia local time.
• Strong 6.2 magnitude quake also struck Lombok on Thursday, 9 August 2018 at 1.25 pm local time, causing people panic in the emergency shelters. North Lombok District is the most affected by the earthquake.
• With the frequent intensity of aftershocks, people are scattered in several emergency shelters located in open fields. Most of the settlements and public facilities such as schools, worship places, etc are heavily damaged. Children don’t go to school as the schools are closed. Data collection on damaged houses needs to be reviewed after several aftershocks that cause more buildings to be damaged or worse.
• People evacuated in Tanjung sub-district, North Lombok District, have been cooking for themselves for public kitchen using food resources they received.
• Urgent needs are as follow :
1. Clean water for consumption and sanitation
2. Emergency toilets
3. Groceries and infant food (supplementary feeding)
4. Non-food items  such as shelter kits (tarpaulins, sleeping mats, etc), light, and hygiene kits (blankets, toiletries, specific needs of toddlers, pregnant women, women and elderly) 
5. Health service 
6. Psychosocial support both for children and adults.
Since July 31st until August 9th, YEU and Pelkesi as the member of Jakomkris Tangguh Bencana Indonesia has been responding to the earthquake in several location in Bayan Sub-district, Tanjung Sub-district, and Gangga Sub-district of North Lombok District, focused on: 
1. Collaborated with Plan International Indonesia Foundation and church volunteers, YEU conducted assessment focused on health, water and sanitation (WASH), shelter, and livelihood as well as validated the beneficiaries of shelter kits in Loloan Village and Karangbajo Village, Bayan Sub-district which were prioritized for the family with vulnerable groups (children/people with disability/elderly/ breastfeeding mothers/ pregnant women/ women as head of family).  The team conducted data collection in Senaru and Sambik Elen Village, Bayan Sub-District, North Lombok and assessment to the local partners for resource mapping (including volunteers), logistic delivery, and preparation of logistic warehouses.
2. Health services
On 7-8 August 2018, medical team of Pelkesi provided health services to 252 patients which consisted of 83 men and 169 women where 85 of them were under-five children and 70 were elderly in Teluk Dalam Kern subvillage and Jambi Anom subvillage of Medana Village, Tanjung sub-district. Since July 31st, there were 638 patients received health services. Based on the examination, most of patients suffer from Upper Respiratory Tract infection, cephalgia (headache), vertigo, myalgia, dyspepsia, lacerations, allergic dermatitis, tinea corporis (fungal infection), osteoarthritis, and allergic on eyes. Diarrhea cases were found in some children so it needs to be watched so as not to increase. Health services in Teniga Village, Tanjung Sub-district was delayed due to a fairly strong aftershock.
3. Inclusive shelter management through :
- Fulfillment of basic needs for survivors such as provision of clean water, generator sets for  lighting, distribution of shelter kits.
- Meeting the specific needs of the age group such as supplementary feeding for toddlers.
- Structured data collection which consist of total affected population, data with age segregation, disability,  and livelihoods.
1. Water distribution
2. Distribution of 400 Shelter kits for the family with vulnerable group in Loloan and Karangbajo Village
3. Provision of generator set (genset) for emergency lighting. 
4. Provision of health services and supplementary feeding in Teniga Village, Tanjung Sub-district
5. Distribution of groceries and water tanks to Senaru Village
6. preparation for Children Friendly Space and psychosocial support
• Plan International Indonesia Foundation
• Humanitarian Forum Indonesia (HFI)
• Mercy Relief
• PGI region of West Nusa Tenggara
• National Agency for Disaster Management (BNPB); Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD)
• Cluster of Protection and Evacuation 
Bank Details for donation
Bank Name : Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI)
Account Name : YAKKUM Emergency Unit 
Account No. : 0376498166
Swift code : BNINIDJAXXX
Download Situation Report #3 https://goo.gl/c5bBDe 
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