Situation Report #2 Warning Status of Mt. Agung in Bali

8 October 2017

Situation Report #2

Warning Status of Mt. Agung in Bali


Highlights :

¨ As of 7 October 2017 at 06:00 pm local time, there were 141.322 displaced people who were distributed in 331 displacement shelters across 9 districts in Bali (source: BNPB).

¨ The number of displacement shelters decreased due to government’s order for those living in the safe zone to return home, and since displaced people sheltered in Banjar (sub-village halls) were transferred to permanent buildings.

¨ Low pressure white plume, likely dominated by water vapour is observed emitting continuously from the main crater and reached the altitude 1.500 metres (source: VONA, Volcano Observatory Notice for Aviation).



YEU Responses :

YEU has delivered humanitarian assistance and initial assessment since 26 September and will continue until 10 October with focus on :

1) Distribute 1,500 face masks in two shelters, Les village in Buleleng district and Ulakan village in Karangasem village.

2) Distribute 10 packages of health campaign and information materials relevant for displacement settings; life-saving measures during volcano eruption and cold lahar flow, snake-ladder board game on health and preparedness.

3) Distribute 2 information packages in addressing inclusive shelter management.

4) Distribute NFI for vulnerable groups; 70 vacuum flasks, 15 elderly diapers, 99 undergarments for women.

5) Provide assistance and consultation in setting up proper and healthy shelters in Ulakan in Karangasem District and in Kubu in Bangli District.



Contact : Arnice Agustina Ajawaila (Erni) - Emergency Response Coordinator

Phone: 0813 2971 4339                      |           Email: