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YEU is one of YAKKUM's unit which was established in 2001 with a focus on emergency response and disaster risk reduction initiatives. By 2016, YEU has provided humanitarian assistance to more than 250 villages in Indonesia, East Timor, Myanmar, the Philippines, and Nepal as well as encouraging partnerships with 350 community organizations throughout Indonesia.

YAKKUM (including YEU) is a member of ACT Alliance, a global network of churches consisting of 139 church-based organizations working in more than 140 countries in the humanitarian assistance, community empowerment, and impartial advocacy for the poor.

YAKKUM (including YEU) is a member of Core Humanitarian Standard (CHS) to ensure quality performance and to develop accountable humanitarian services. YEU is also a member of Humanitarian Forum Indonesia (HFI) who, together with other humanitarian actors, has shared common understanding on impartial humanitarian assistance. YAKKUM/YEU abides by the humanitarian code of conducts, as well as campaigning norms and humanitarian principles through dialogue and partnerships.

YEU has a training centre in a tranquil environment at the foot of Mount Merapi, which is professionally managed to answer the need for study and recreation place equipped with a extensive information about disaster management in Indonesia and the world.

Communities affected by disasters have the right to a dignified life and sustainable development, through the synergy of humanitarian services and community development through community-based transformative approach, accountability and quality performance.

to be a responsive YAKKUM's unit and sustainable unit in disaster management based on strengthened networking in community organising and strategic partnerships, accountability,  competency, character building and excellent delivery of humanitarian assistance.

Strategic Plan
1 . Perform community capacity building in disaster risk reduction
2 . Strengthen program quality
3 . Continuous organizational capacity


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